Virtual Training

You have chosen this option because you need help with training at home and want a structured plan for muscle tone and tightening?

What do you get from the Virtual Training service?

This service provides you with the following:

There are included files formatted in a table specially prepared for the academy with the exercises you are going to perform, number of the sets and the repetitions, the muscle group at which the given exercise is directed and videos of the exercises performed personally by me to make it easier for you. You will not have to search online, you will save time and enjoy the convenience, because everyone knows – time is the most valuable resource and cannot be returned! The plan includes 3 training sessions per week.

IMPORTANT! Files for option for 1 week will be emailed – 3 training sessions for the entire week (e.g. Wednesday-Tuesday), and those for a period of one month will be emailed for the whole month – 3 training sessions per week from the date of start to the end of the period (e.g. 01.01-31.01).

Режимни въпроси

Physical shape can be sculpted anywhere – in the comfort of your home or in the hotel room during a holiday. Our platform for virtual training offers an innovative and personalized approach that will help you achieve your goals, regardless of your level of physical fitness. You will get access to video training sessions, with different variants of functional and conditioning training and much more that you are yet to find. With virtual training, you won’t waste time on the way to the gym and you’ll save yourself the stress of scheduling. Our professional trainers in virtual training will guide you to individually selected training sessions tailored to your goals and capabilities.

Benefits of virtual training

In today’s tense and dynamic life, virtual training provides incredible benefits. You don’t have to stay in a gym full of people or waste time on the way there. With the platform for virtual training, you can train wherever and whenever it suits you – at home, in the park or even while traveling. Each training session can be personalized to your goals, physical condition and preferences. Virtual training sessions are conducted by professional trainers with extensive experience. They will guide you to the right movements and techniques. The platform provides tools for tracking your personal virtual training sessions online. This allows you to see how you are progressing and adjust your approach if necessary.

What users is virtual training recommended for?

Virtual training is the ideal choice for a large range of users who value convenience, personal attitude and professionalism. This form of online training is preferred mainly by customers employed in business. They have limited time for training and can take advantage of the flexibility of virtual training. This way they will be able to train at a convenient time and place for them. Beginners in training are another group of users who feel insecure in the gym or want individual attention. The solution for them is personal virtual training sessions. The third group of virtual training users are people who train actively and have sports discipline that they want to improve. They need specialized conducting of the virtual training session by a professional trainer.

What would we advise our customers when choosing a trainer for virtual training?

Before choosing a trainer for virtual training, it is important to know what your goals are and what kind of virtual training sessions you prefer. This will help you choose a trainer who specializes in this field. Pay attention to two important things:

  • When choosing a trainer for virtual training, check their qualifications and experience. They must have real experience in conducting virtual training sessions and be certified by an accredited organization.
  • Seek feedback and recommendations from other customers. This will direct you to trainers for virtual training sessions who have proven results and satisfied customers.

Personal virtual training sessions

Personal virtual training sessions provide a unique experience, combining the comfort of your home with the individual approach. Certified personal trainers connect the customer through video platforms and prepare plans for virtual training according to the goals and the physical condition of each customer. You get personal attitude, correction of the technique and live motivation. The virtual format allows flexibility in the schedule and in the choice of a place for training.

What are the most common mistakes of the customers when choosing virtual training sessions?

When choosing virtual training sessions, customers often choose the level of challenge incorrectly. Too hard or too easy training can lead to despair or lack of motivation. Another common mistake is focusing on one form of training, which can cause uneven muscle development in the body. Failure to follow the instructions or improper training can lead to injuries. If you start a virtual training session with too intense movements, you may experience overload, traumas and injuries. It is also common to quit the training process due to lack of patience or motivation in the users of virtual training. For this reason, a careful approach and balance between challenge and physical capabilities are essential when choosing virtual training sessions.

How are virtual training sessions conducted?

Video communication platforms and special software are used for virtual training sessions. They take place in real time, allowing you to communicate with the trainer live, through asking questions and receiving individual guidance. This interactive approach provides convenience in the virtual training session no matter where you are.

Why should virtual training session be conducted insisted of classic ones?

Virtual training sessions offer convenience and flexibility that traditional gyms cannot provide. They allow you to train from your home or hotel room without wasting time traveling to the gym. With virtual training sessions, you also have the freedom to choose the time that is right for you. The format of virtual training provides personal plans that suit each level of physical activity. Virtual trainers monitor and advise you in real time through video communication and as a result you improve your technique and motivation.


Registering on a virtual training platform is an easy process, usually starting with creating an account. Users should visit the site which provides the service, or download the application of the platform and press the registration button. Personal data such as name, e-mail and password should be filled in. After registring successfully, users can log in to their account, where they can add information about their goals, level of physical fitness and preferred types of training sessions. Once they are in their account, they can view the training sessions, choose the right one for them and start doing the exercises.

Why should you choose virtual training sessions service from Fit Nutrition Academy?

Combining training tips with specialized nutrition plans, we guarantee a comprehensive and sustainable approach to achieving the desired physical shape. With Fit Nutrition Academy you get more than just training – you get a modern way to strengthen your body, improve your health and achieve the ideal shape. Every week you will receive files containing the exercises from the virtual training platform along with videos in which you will see how the exercises should be performed, and how many sets and repetitions you need to do. Add to your schedule the virtual training sessions by Fit Nutrition Academy and start a journey to the better and the healthier version of yourself. Our goal is your success and good shape. Take control of your health now and enjoy a new online opportunity in the world of training.


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