Personal Live Workout

You have chosen this option because you need help with training in the gym, due to feeling unsure of yourself and the performance of each exercise and you are facing difficulties with the technique and methods of training?

What do you get from the service of Personal Live Workout?

This service provides you with the following:

Personal live workout includes a personal training session in a gym in the town of Stara Zagora (Yamamoto Luxury Gym) and for 45-60 minutes I will be next to you depending on the workout and will conduct your session according to your needs and goals. Most of my satisfied customers apply exactly this method combined with a nutrition plan that always comes first and therefore they have the most positive effects. The benefits of a live meeting are that in case of fatigue or improper performance of an exercise, you will be corrected as many times as necessary and we will be able to apply alternatives in action in case of a difficulty with a particular exercise.

IMPORTANT! The price applies to the entire session and if your time expires, the time after the 60 minutes will not require any extra payment – *I do not accept higher pay when the given time is exceeded* The time of 45-60 minutes presented shows how long the session lasts with a client under normal circumstances, but at times when the gym is full of people the extra time is not charged since it is not due to your fault! To make an appointment, call the following phone number: +359896848367

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