Individual Consultation

You have chosen this option because you need a professional to help you with the problems that you cannot solve yourself and feel that you have reached a stagnant position and are not progressing?

What do you get from the Individual Consultation service?

This service provides you with the following:

Individual consultation within 40 minutes during which we will discuss all the problems you encounter in the process whether we work together or you have chosen to train independently and follow a nutrition and training plan prepared by you or another trainer or nutritionist. Each of us needs consultations with a professional, since sometimes an unnoticed mistake can stop all our progress. This way through questions in the conversation with you we will find the main problems that stop your progress, put obstacles on a mental basis and demotivate you. There are included files formatted in a table specially prepared for the academy with the meals required for your needs and a file containing the recipe with weights, foods and notes about consumption.

IMPORTANT! The price applies to a period of 40 minutes, but even if we exceed the time, it will not require extra payment on your part!

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