A Nutrition and Training Plan

You have chosen this option because you need help with your healthy habits in the kitchen, as well as with your physical activity?

What do you get from the service of Preparing a Nutrition and Training Plan?

This service provides you with the following:

A combination of a nutrition and a training plan is the most easily accessible program for the whole world and is highly effective for improving our physique in no time if you comply with the conditions set for you. Each of us needs such a combination because of the convenience of being able to control the online process even without the necessary physical presence and the observance of a schedule according to working hours and the everyday life of both sides. You get a nutrition plan tailored to your allergies and your daily routine with different menus that can be changed during the process. In combination with a personal training plan tailored to your injuries, sports experience, age, goal and a convenient area for you to perform your training sessions.

*When completing the questionnaire, in the category Training experience, fill in whether you would like to visit a gym or prefer your home*.

IMPORTANT! The price applies to a period of 6 MONTHS!

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