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About me

Teodor Nikolov

Teodor Nikolov – Qualified International Master Trainer, Nutritionist and Transformation Specialist in all fields, a working Personal Trainer having faced hundreds of different people with different goals and problems, being solved in the process of working.

I offer you the following services:

  • An individual nutrition plan – Preparation of an individual nutrition plan with different menus, tailored to your requirements (allergies, foods you do not consume, etc.).
  • An individual training plan – Preparation of an individual training plan according to the different criteria that cover your daily routine and injuries.
  • An individual nutrition and training plan – Preparation of two plans – a combination of a nutrition and a training plan (Best Seller).
  • Virtual trainings with recording – Sending 3 files once a week with a link to the performance of the exercises for each workout.
  • A personal workout – a personal live workout with me within an hour in the town of Stara Zagora.
  • Fit Nutrition Training School – Sending a lecture to a file every week + asking questions and feedback and the entitlement to a 15-minute consultation every week.
  • Individual consultations – Individual virtual meeting to discuss problems and difficulties encountered in the process.
  • An E-book – Book “The Secret of The Better Body” written personally by me in which you will learn about everything you need to know to get to know your body.

Fit Nutrition Academy

Why is Fit Nutrition Academy the right place for anyone who wants to improve their healthy habits?
-Individually tailored nutrition and training plans towards everything related to you and your daily life.
-Individual consultations in which we will reveal the problems and solve them together.
-Feedback 24/7
-Workouts available for every flexible schedule and place without limitation.